Meet our team: our Leader is God Almighty, Jesus Christ, our Savior.

Haunath KASSI

Haunath is a teacher and coaching veteran, having worked with businesses big and small in sectors as wide-ranging as education, agriculture, healthcare and international relations. He is our General Manager and works in the overall planning of our different travel routes.

Jocelyn Carole

When Jocelyn joined the company, she brought with her a whole new perspective on customer service. Instead of approaching clients with a view to telling them what is the best service, she first listens to how they view their own journey and works with them to find a travel package that fits their need.

Matthew Steven

Matthew is the newest member of our team, but has already proved vital to adding value to our clients’ experiences. Coming from a political science background, he is perfectly positioned to help guide you to the different steps before the beginning  of your discovery in either Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana or/and Benin.

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